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Now you can access multiple body composition biomarkers and disease insights through a rapid MRI. Get to know AMRA's solutions for your clinical and research needs.

Enhancing the Evidence Needed to Predict and Prevent Disease

Experience the New Wave in Precision Medicine

As healthcare advances in better understanding individual variability in genetics, lifestyle, and biology, body composition assessment often remains imprecise and impersonal.

AMRA is the game-changer. Rapid whole-body MRI and automated, cloud-based image analysis now allow you to monitor small, clinically relevant changes in fat and muscle volumes. Simple, safe, and cost-effective – you send us images; we give precise, individualized body composition measurements and contextual disease insights.

Clinical Trials


Data-driven trial optimization by advancing clinical research and its therapeutic application.

Academic Research


Providing medical insights to unlock breakthroughs within the field of precision medicine.

Health & Wellness


Supporting the prediction and prevention of disease and the availability of more informed personalized treatments.

Clinical Care


Clinical decision support on interventions including transplantation, exercise, nutrition and pharmacological therapies.

Introducing Upcoming AMRA®️ MAsS Scan for Sarcopenia Assessment



LINKÖPING, Sweden; February 16, 2021 – AMRA Medical is introducing MAsS (Muscle Assessment Score) and AMRA®️ MAsS Scan (clearance expected in early 2022) for clinicians to be able to assess sarcopenia more accurately and make critical decisions in patients being considered for organ transplant. Click on the video above or read more here.

"AMRA-derived body composition data enables us at Human Longevity Inc to integrate quantitative imaging results with genomic and clinical biomarkers to give our clients and their physicians a comprehensive evaluation of their risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome."

David S. Karow, Human Longevity, Inc.

"By employing AMRA’s automated analysis, we are now able to efficiently provide more actionable data to our pharmaceutical partners."

Scott Satin, BioTelemetry

"Working with AMRA ensures high-quality, accurate data acquisition in our clinical studies that will be used to transform patient care for the future."

Ian Neeland, UT Southwestern Medical Centre

"I am very impressed with the body composition analysis that AMRA offers. The system works well and we get valuable data in a fast way. I am very pleased with the extra opportunities this will provide us to further improve our scientific research. The people are great to work with and there is fast, good service"

Cas Fuchs, Maastricht University

"The partnership with AMRA makes it possible to get scan results produced at Scannexus and Maastricht UMC+ to researchers much faster. Researchers now have one point of contact for support with their research."

"Unlocking New Insights on the
Road to Precision Medicine"


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