Body Composition and Medical Insights

AMRA is an active collaborator with the research community, dedicated to the advancement of metabolic research and its therapeutic application.

Designed to Play a Long-Term Role

The understanding of cancer has evolved from that of a single, life-threatening condition to a multifaceted disease with numerous presentations and individualized treatment options. If we advance our understanding of the relationships between fat, muscle and the development of disease, we can reshape our understanding of obesity and similarly begin to tailor treatments for individual body composition. With this goal in mind, AMRA is working to redefine our understanding of obesity and metabolic risk.

AMRA® Profiler Research, the cloud-based analysis service, supports researchers by extrapolating precise body composition measurements from MR images and assisting in defining the imaging biomarkers that will help identify the key factors involved in disease development.


AMRA® Profiler Research

Provides precise body composition measurements and advanced phenotyping using quantified MR imaging, a relatively new field in which AMRA is a world-leader.

Available Measurements
  • Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT)
  • Abdominal Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue (ASAT)
  • Thigh Muscle Volume
  • Proton-Density Liver Fat Fraction
  • Total Adipose Tissue Volume (TAT)
  • Total Lean Tissue Volume (TLT)
  • Muscle Group Volumes
  • Intramuscular Adipose Tissue (IMAT)
  • Individual Muscle Volumes

Driving Therapeutic Innovation

Precise, automated body composition analysis can improve research and clinical decision making. AMRA is collaborating with industry leaders on data-driven trial optimization, advancing the understanding of metabolic status across a multitude of diseases.

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