AMRA Featured in BBC’s “The Truth About…”
25 April 2018

AMRA Featured in BBC’s “The Truth About…”

London, UK [April 25, 2018] Tomorrow, April 26, at 9pm CETBBC One will broadcast another episode of its “The Truth About…” series. This time, the focus is on obesity and AMRA’s detailed body composition images have been included to support the dialogue and how individuals can come to better understand their bodies. AMRA is also featured in the so-called “String Test,” a method that aims to give an indication of how much damaging visceral fat you might have.

Click to View: The String Text – A Quick and Simple Method

About ‘The Truth About Obesity’ 

A recent BBC documentary, which looks at the latest scientific research on obesity. A combination of fast food culture and genes have led to our expanding waistlines, but Chris Bavin reveals how small changes can help us all maximize our chances of keeping trim. The programme shows how a simple piece of string can tell you how healthy you are when the best time to eat is, and how our gut bacteria may keep us skinny. Plus we meet cutting-edge researchers who hope to solve obesity with a simple injection.

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We are excited about BBC’s program and look forward to seeing whether there are any new findings that may help us solve one of our global health challenges – obesity!



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