Establishing a new, fundamental way of thinking about health begins here. ​Whether you are experienced or new to the field, we are interested in highly skilled, dedicated, and dynamic people.

Meet Our People

Following the documentary, “Super-Size Me”, AMRA founders decided to investigate how MR imaging could be used to measure our bodies. At AMRA we rely heavily on our teamwork across all functions within the company and our passion to discover answers is one of the drivers that unites #goteamAMRA in our continued research focus.

Together we are paving the way for the future of healthcare by providing precision for vital medical decisions! Get to know us more and feel free to reach out with questions about how it is to work at AMRA.

André Ahlgren, PhD

Director of Imaging

“The team spirit is top-notch, and everybody wants to contribute towards the same goal of delivering a world-leading medical service. You are expected to speak your mind, and ideas from all parts of the organization are considered.”

As the Director of Imaging, I am responsible for the technical aspects of MRI imaging and quantification. My team works to ensure that AMRA’s MRI protocols can be used on a wide array of platforms, that the images acquired are of sufficient quality for analysis, and that the measurements produced by AMRA’s algorithms are validated and reliable. The Imaging team is also part of AMRA’s research and development efforts.

Nicklas Weman

Systems Engineer

“It feels like you have a chance to make a difference.”

I work as a Systems Engineer in the DevOps team. This means I get to drive the development of new product features, implement frameworks for automatic testing and deployment, and design applications to enable the daily operation.
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