Disease Prediction and Prevention

AMRA originated with precision medicine in mind. If we are to effectively confront our global health challenges of obesity, metabolic disease, chronic disease, and aging, there is a need for a new, global standard in body composition assessment: a precise and cost-effective way to understand our bodies far beyond today’s commonly used indirect measures.

Designed to Play a Long-term Role

AMRA aims to advance the cause of precision medicine and preventive care, allowing clinicians to better characterize patients at baseline, identify those who are likely to develop metabolic disease, and to better identify the effects of treatment plans. The automated translation of imaging data will minimize the analysis time required by the radiographer, allowing them to focus their time on what’s important – delivering high-quality insights that inform treatment priorities and optimizing patient care.


AMRA® Profiler Research

Provides precise body composition measurements and advanced phenotyping using quantified MR imaging, a relatively new field in which AMRA is a world-leader.

Available Measurements
  • Visceral Adipose (VAT)
  • Abdominal Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue (ASAT)
  • Thigh Muscle Volume

For clinical use within Europe

Driving Therapeutic Innovation

Precise, automated body composition analysis can improve research and clinical decision making. AMRA is collaborating with industry leaders on data-driven trial optimization, advancing the understanding of metabolic status across a multitude of diseases.

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