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Introducing AMRA® MAsS Scan for Assessing Sarcopenia

Recent studies highlight a connection between sarcopenia and chronic liver diseases. Liver diseases can lead to the need for liver transplant where the assessment of sarcopenia is critical to patient care decisions. 

AMRA® MAsS Scan clearance is expected in early 2022 and planned to be released in the US and Europe. With a brief MRI scan clinicians will be able to assess sarcopenia more accurately and make critical decisions in patients being considered for organ transplant. The MAsS (Muscle Assessment Score) will enable a more reliable and precise way to determine intervention care and ultimately improve patient health.


The upcoming AMRA® MAsS Scan is an MRI based service delivering fat and muscle biomarkers together with a Muscle Assessment Score (MAsS). By using a rapid MRI protocol, a reference database, and patent protected technology, the fully automated process will deliver an easy-to-read report.

Contact us to learn more about MAsS and how our delivery may benefit in patient care decisions.

Listen to our Muscle-Liver Crosstalk webinar, where experts in liver and metabolic diseases, and imaging, discuss the latest research on how to assess and monitor sarcopenia in chronic liver disease. Click the button below.

The AMRA® MAsS Scan Report will be generated by AMRA® Profiler 4, awaiting clearance in US and EU in 2022

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