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Game-Changing Advantages in the Clinical Development Lifecycle

Vast differences in body composition amongst those once thought to be similar, as well as connections between fat distribution or imbalance and disease, make it likely that specific phenotypes will respond to a treatment, whereas others might respond poorly or not at all.

AMRA brings your trial one step closer to precision medicine, providing a deep understanding of body composition throughout the clinical development lifecycle. A rapid MRI scan and automated image analysis now give you multiple biomarkers, disease insights, and unrivaled precision to improve your research and decision-making across a range of therapeutic areas.

AMRA® Researcher

AMRA® Researcher is a product for classification and quantification of global and regional fat volumes, fat fractions and lean tissue volumes in comparison to normal ranges. With rapid MRI scanning and automated image analysis, you now have access to a time-efficient, cost-effective and innovative means of analyzing complex pathological processes.

Precise segmentation of fat and muscles. Additional muscle groups and/or individual muscles can be segmented and measured using AMRA® Researcher.


Automated, Cost-Effective Image Analysis

A single, rapid whole-body MRI scan allows for a time-efficient, cost-effective, standardized method across major MR platforms.


Validated Fat & Muscle Biomarkers

The analysis of multiple biomarkers from a single scan provides an innovative way to analyzing complex pathological processes and disease pathways


Individual Phenotyping

AMRA’s precise body composition assessment offers the ability to phenotype and stratify populations. It also allows for further understanding of complex disease processes across a multitude of diseases.


High Precision for Early Signs of Efficacy

AMRA’s technology is validated for its high accuracy and precision, allowing for the early detection of small physiological changes and evidence of treatment efficacy.


Monitor Clinically Relevant Changes

AMRA can monitor small and clinically relevant changes in multiple biomarkers, allowing for improved patient understanding and the tailoring of complex disease therapies.


Post-Hoc Analysis to Understand Non-Responders

From refining patient stratification to longitudinal tracking of body composition and disease profile changes, to post-hoc analysis for understanding and identifying non-responders.


Reduce Patient Burden, Improve Selection & Retention

A rapid whole body MRI, reduces the patient burden when compared with traditional MRI, thus supporting optimized recruitment and retention in your clinical trials.


Validated Superiority to DXA and BIA

AMRA’s precise technology allows for the measure of volumetric changes, and diffuse fat infiltration into muscle, unlike other less accurate techniques such as BIA and DXA.

Precise Body Composition Biomarkers

  • Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT)
    VAT within the abdominal cavity, excluding adipose tissue outside the abdominal cavity
  • Muscle Fat Infiltration (MFI)
    Quantification of the average thigh muscle fat infiltration
  • Abdominal Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue (ASAT)
    ASAT measured from the top of the femoral head to the top of the thoracic vertebrae T9
  • Lean Thigh Muscle Volume
    Left and right posterior thigh muscles (gluteus, iliac, adductor, hamstring) and, anterior thigh muscles (quadriceps femoris and sartorius)
  • Liver Fat
    Proton-density Fat Fraction (PDFF), a non-invasive and precise way to measure liver fat content
  • Individual Muscle Volumes
    Precise quantification of group or individual muscle volumes in the body

Additional measurements may be available depending on specific protocol needs

Simple & Cloud-Based

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Personalized Assessement of Body Composition

What You Receive

We offer a variety of study options, so whether you require grouped data, individualized reports, or high-quality images and films, we will deliver according to your specific needs.

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