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Fat and muscle imbalances are linked to many chronic diseases that represent our greatest global health challenges. As healthcare advances in better understanding of individual variability in genetics, lifestyle, and biology, body composition assessment often remains imprecise and impersonal. Clinicians need a new standard – a precise, cost-effective way to understand the individual’s body far beyond what is available today.


In the age of modern healthcare and precision medicine, physicians and patients understand and expect more, from ease and comfort to affordability and high-quality information, all of which AMRA supports. Simple, patient-friendly, and cost-effective – you send the images; we return precise insights into individualized body composition.

AMRA® Profiler 3 is CE marked in EU and available in Sweden and United Kingdom. FDA cleared and soon available in USA.

Precise segmentation of fat and muscle using AMRA® Profiler 3


Powerful Marketing to Help Engage Your Patients

Engage and incentivize your clients with high-quality measurements and visualizations that show small and large changes which may not be outwardly visible.


Track the Impact of Your Recommendations

AMRA is standardized across major 1.5 and 3T MR scanners with precise measurements that allow you to identify body composition changes and early signs of treatment impact.


Cost-Effective “One-Stop Shop”

Single rapid MRI scan, automated analysis of multiple measurements, integrates well with other imaging protocols and technologies. 


Simple & Patient Friendly

No software installation, rapid scanning, no radiation, no contrast, fewer coils, and insensitive to confounding effects such as patient position or hydration.


Comparison to Normal Values

Access to the world’s first normative database and normal values for many of the measurements we offer.


A Motivator for Your Health Driven Clients

Precise measurements, contextual insights, and use of the latest technology provide unprecedented detail and engagement for your health and performance-driven clients.

Precise Body Composition Biomarkers

  • Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT)
  • Lean Thigh Muscle Volume
  • Muscle Fat Infiltration (MFI)
  • Abdominal Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue (ASAT)
  • Liver Fat

Simple & Cloud-Based

Getting Started
Setup & Verification using AMRA® Protocol
Rapid MRI
Data Transfer
Safe & Secure
Image Transfer
Automated Segmentation, Quantification and QA
Personalized Assessement of Body Composition

What You Receive

A rapid MRI scan now gives you precise fat and muscle measurements alongside contextual insights. AMRA’s high-quality visualizations act as an engaging incentive for both patient and provider, as both small and large changes that may not be outwardly visible are now able to be seen and understood. We deliver our measurements in the form of an individualized report, with normative values based upon our reference database.

"From BMI to BCP"

Our Research is Linking Fat Distribution and Metabolic Disease.

Vast differences in body composition amongst those once thought to be similar, as well as connections between fat distribution or imbalance and disease, make it likely that specific phenotypes will respond to a treatment, whereas others might respond poorly or not at all.

The Body Composition Profile (BCP) is AMRA’s groundbreaking approach to metabolic assessment, a multidimensional visualization that allows for the simultaneous assessment of fat and muscle distribution, fat accumulation patterns, and balance between fat depots.

“Body Composition Profiling in the UK Biobank Imaging Study,” published in Obesity, shows specific fat patterns of fat distribution linked to metabolic disease, specifically the presence of coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes, in over 6000 subjects.

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