Whole-body MRI in FSH Muscular Dystrophy Research

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Within the framework of FSHD University, AMRA’s SVP Global Development and Marketing Rosemary Shull presented at the webinar “Whole-body MRI in FSH muscular dystrophy research”.

The gist of the webinar as described by FSHD Society:

We refer often to MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) as an almost magical way to peer inside the body and see what’s going on with our muscles. MRI is a key component of Fulcrum’s ReDUX4 clinical trial for FSH muscular dystrophy. But do you really understand how this technology works, and what it can and can’t reveal? Is it useful only for research, or does it have a place in healthcare for FSHD? At this month’s webinar, Rosemary Shull of AMRA, the Swedish company that is working with Fulcrum, will explain how MRI works and the role it is playing in the ReDUX4 trial. She’ll be sharing some stunning images that are enabling researchers to visualize what is going on with FSHD as never before.


Rosemary Shull

SVP Global Business Development & Marketing

Rosemary has over 15 years of experience as a secondary educator followed by 15 years in medical imaging research for clinical trials. The majority of the latter experience has been at VirtualScopics/BioTelemetry Research leading the Business Development team. Most recently Rosemary was VP of Sales for VisualDx, a Rochester-based software company focused on diagnostic accuracy support. She graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a BA in history and went on to receive her MA in history from SUNY Brockport.

As the SVP, Rosemary Shull is responsible for dynamic growth for AMRA’s medical imaging offerings. With a great passion for AMRA’s overall strategic goals, Rosemary collaborates with the internal Operational, Scientific, Sales and Marketing teams to drive the company forward. Her external focus is on forging new customer relationships and deepening current account penetration while leading the sales and marketing teams.

Who Should Attend

  • Members of the FSHD community
  • Trial participants interested in MRI
  • Research Nurse
  • Principal Investigator
  • Clinical Project Manager
  • Clinical Development Manager
  • Business Development
  • Clinical Operations

What you will learn

  • How magnetic resonance imaging technology works
  • MRI experience for the participant
  • What MRI can reveal and its limitations
  • Place of MRI in FSHD research
  • Visualize what is going on with FSHD

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